Non-destructive Testing

We provide a wide range of conventional and advanced nondestructive testing for:

• Materials, metal joining and structures
• Pipelines, piping & piping under insultation
• Pressure equipment; boilers, pressure vessels and UG/AG tanks
• Welding procedure qualification & welder qualification test

With certified ASNT, PCN, ISO technicians equipped with top brand NDT/ANDT equipment and tools for:

• VT, PT, MT, UT, ET and RTFI, PAUT, TOFD, PEC, ECT, MFL, IRIS tube inspection
• PMI, DFT, thickness, hardness, surface roughness and barcol hardness testing
• Boroscope, thermography and AE
• Pull-off/ adhesion test

And trained for accessibility solutions; scaffolding, rope access, insulation plugs installation and use.