Device & Instrument Calibration

We provide one-stop shop of Calibration Services for many industrial measurement equipment instruments & devices and for wide variety of parameters;

• Pressure & Vacuum Measurement Devices
• Temperature Measurement Devices
• Electrical Measurement Devices
• Dimension Measurement Devices
• Environmental Measurement Devices
• Non-destructive Testers/ NDT Equipment

For devices and instruments:

• Pressure & Vacuum Gauge, Switch, Transmitter…
• Temperature Gauge, Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, Welding Rod Oven…
• Multi Meter, Clamp meter, Portable Appliance Tester, Welding Machine…
• Vernier Caliber, Thickness gauge, Elcometer, Micrometer…
• Hygrometer, Anemometer, Tachometer RPM, Sound, Light, Flow, Air Meter…
• UT Machine, Flaw Detector, PMI Analyzer, Hardness Tester, Feritscope, Stroboscope, MPI Yoke/ Blocks.

With latest technologies and world-class comparators and master devices with laboratory and in-situ portable solutions too.